The red one and Miss Red shoes

Hello world!
It is getting little bit warmer now in Sweden(do not trust the weather anyway)
I have a little chance to wear my red ankle boots when it is getting warmer.




Sunday with little pretty girl portrait.

I was very gald when I got the sms the day before from my friend. She asked me to take take phto for her daugther portrait.
I met my friend and her little pretty angle today. We found the location so that I took photos.
It was very fun even thought it was a little bit hard work for kids portrait. Because I had to be fast to press the shutter and thought fast
to find some nice ankle. One thing that I learned me more today for mylife is kids don’t need to be sexy as if they’re models.
They are naturally beautiful and pretty.
Now I fall in love with kid portrait photography.


Red in the white snow

I’m off today fom working. I see the red sweather lie on the wardrobe. It’s long time ago since I have used it. I just combinate  something those I have had. Here I am today. kmk   And some accessories. DSC_0003

The union jack case

Hello world! I just want to say that I like the union jack flag. Can’t find the reason why, but I just like the colors, red, blue, and white.
It is color contrastwhen they are combinated. I saw the union jack case on JYSK(it a funiture house store in Sweden) lie on the shelf of the store.
Actually it’s just a case for home decoration. But I just felt in love with it. And it became my bag in the real life. I took it to my work once.
I really want to combinate it with my red shoes so bad. Waiting for better weather, so I can do it:D
Have a nice day!




It is just leopard combination again.
Just put them together with white t- shirt.
I think the black skinny jeans and white t-shirt is an easy look.
Futhermore they are fit with leopard printed. Enjoy the day with the leopard printed.