Happy Easter!

When I was young, I felt that time passed very slow like a snail.
But now I feel that time has passed very fast. I feel that we just celebrated X’Mas not so long time ago.
It makes me relize that I will pass the time with happy even it will be the hard day.
Time has never waited for us. We just enjoy every minue of our life.
Anyway, Happy Easter everybody!!

Ready for Easter meal

Preaparing traditional Swedish mealballs

DSC_0747 DSC_0965

Let’s paint some eggs 😀

DSC_0969My egg, I have not finished it yet

DSC_1010 DSC_1024



I didn’t really know how it would be when the temourature would go down to -19. Maybe it would be just ice everywhere or just full of snow.
Trying to imagine and thought about it before it would happend. But I didn’t really know. Two weeks ago here in Stockholm, it was -19C .
Here it looked like and how I felt…..BRRRR….just sing this song… ICE ICE BABY!!


Full of snow on the roofs



Water surface became ICE