A lazy weekend

It have been lone time since I updated my blog.
I just haven’t had so much time and have been busy with many things.
Here it was a look for a one of my lazy week.







Blue in snow

Blue in snow

It is  long winter in Sweden this year. Everyone look forward to greet spring soon. Even it has been already March.
Mayby it will be spring in a few week.  I just don’t have anything to do. So just enjoy with the winter and appriciate white snow.




It is just leopard combination again.
Just put them together with white t- shirt.
I think the black skinny jeans and white t-shirt is an easy look.
Futhermore they are fit with leopard printed. Enjoy the day with the leopard printed.







I want the moves like Jagger

Hello! It isn’t so cold today outside. Snow start getting melt down.
I just wonder why I don’t wear something that make me feel more cheerful.
In that same time I hear a song…..Move like jagger…jaggggggeerrrr
Yeah! I just put some the Rolling Stone t shirt and I combinate it with the coat.
What’s more, a black hat for making me warm. Nothing goona be better than
The Union suitcase. Here it is…I feel warmer right now. I love the union Jack!