Blue in snow

Blue in snow

It is  long winter in Sweden this year. Everyone look forward to greet spring soon. Even it has been already March.
Mayby it will be spring in a few week.  I just don’t have anything to do. So just enjoy with the winter and appriciate white snow.




Sunday with little pretty girl portrait.

I was very gald when I got the sms the day before from my friend. She asked me to take take phto for her daugther portrait.
I met my friend and her little pretty angle today. We found the location so that I took photos.
It was very fun even thought it was a little bit hard work for kids portrait. Because I had to be fast to press the shutter and thought fast
to find some nice ankle. One thing that I learned me more today for mylife is kids don’t need to be sexy as if they’re models.
They are naturally beautiful and pretty.
Now I fall in love with kid portrait photography.