The union jack case

Hello world! I just want to say that I like the union jack flag. Can’t find the reason why, but I just like the colors, red, blue, and white.
It is color contrastwhen they are combinated. I saw the union jack case on JYSK(it a funiture house store in Sweden) lie on the shelf of the store.
Actually it’s just a case for home decoration. But I just felt in love with it. And it became my bag in the real life. I took it to my work once.
I really want to combinate it with my red shoes so bad. Waiting for better weather, so I can do it:D
Have a nice day!





It is just leopard combination again.
Just put them together with white t- shirt.
I think the black skinny jeans and white t-shirt is an easy look.
Futhermore they are fit with leopard printed. Enjoy the day with the leopard printed.








I didn’t really know how it would be when the temourature would go down to -19. Maybe it would be just ice everywhere or just full of snow.
Trying to imagine and thought about it before it would happend. But I didn’t really know. Two weeks ago here in Stockholm, it was -19C .
Here it looked like and how I felt…..BRRRR….just sing this song… ICE ICE BABY!!


Full of snow on the roofs



Water surface became ICE



I want the moves like Jagger

Hello! It isn’t so cold today outside. Snow start getting melt down.
I just wonder why I don’t wear something that make me feel more cheerful.
In that same time I hear a song…..Move like jagger…jaggggggeerrrr
Yeah! I just put some the Rolling Stone t shirt and I combinate it with the coat.
What’s more, a black hat for making me warm. Nothing goona be better than
The Union suitcase. Here it is…I feel warmer right now. I love the union Jack!



Red cherry

Just changing the black plan to red skirt after work.
I got the headband from Glitter.  It is an accessories store in Sweden.
Guess what?? It cost 5 Kronor. Because it was on sale.


-5degrees today

It is cold outside today. And I just put some leopard printed oufit on me.
Thinking about somethings that it is easy look to wear for working.Image


I love my leopard printed clutch bag. It is big and I can put some papers in for my working.

Hello world!

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